Presentations may be uploaded to our SaGES Conference Drive here.  There are folders for each day and subfolders for each session.  At the root folder is a current agenda to help you find your session. ​(Please note that the contents are shared with the other presenters so if you have concerns in sharing your presentation, let me know and you can just copy it temporarily to the laptop at the conference).

We prefer you upload your presentation prior to the conference to avoid delays associated with plugging in USB drives in the middle of a session when it is time for your presentation. We will accommodate onsite uploads if necessary.  If you have any special media needs, please let us know as soon as possible and come into the ballroom early so that we can test before your presentation.

As a reminder, we have allocated 20 minutes for most presentations, so please plan on that unless we have discussed something different (e.g., the keynote lunch talks or workshops).  Please create your presentation to be 15-17 minutes in duration, leaving about 3-5 minutes for questions and discussion.